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Looking for a healthy snack? Try this low fat & high protein snacks from Sweden. Some of the varieties are gluten free, lactose free and vegan.

Exclusivity Benelux

As easy as the name says, simply add fish!

Put fish in an oven-proof container. Gently shake the pouch and pour the sauce on top of the fish.

And it's ready to eat in 20 minutes.
Absolutely no additives and kids approved.

Exclusivity Benelux
Portflio Abba Seafood

DIDS stands for simplicity both in ingredients as in design, no more, no less, but offering an awesome premium taste experience.

It offers healthy, genuine and tasty Snacks as a perfect break to recharge the energies, suitable also for a highly demanding consumer who is looking for a clean label product.

DIDS -the essentials-  is our healthy organic Tortilla chips line made from gluten free cereals and enriched with legumes.

It's available in 3 different recipes and is dedicated to consumers who expect a clean, delicious and genuine organic product, low salt, low fat, non fried, without any additives in a crispy Snack.

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Own brand
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Wild Jerky made from Meat from the wild nature, not from Farming. 100% autenthic and unique Nordic Snacking adventure. 100% pure, free of E250, MSG and low in sugar.

Enjoy natural dried meat from Reindeer, Elk and Red deer.

Exclusivity Benelux
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