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Introducing Smart Snacks.

Looking for a delicious & healthy snack out of the box, and by the way gluten free & Vegan (excl lentils)? Free from additives and with a high value of proteins & fibers, those snacks have 35% à 40% less fat compared to conventional potato chips.

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Our range ...

The innovative flavors such as Parmesan, Jalapeno & sour cream, Oregano, Timjan & Sumak distinguish themselves from the traditional flavors that can be found today in the stores.

Which taste appeals to you the most? Click and discover ...

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As in most edible legumes, we find high concentrations of healthy nutrients in lentils.

They are especially rich in vitamin B, in high-quality proteins, minerals such as manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron. Dietary fibers not only cause us to burn more fat. They also ensure a good digestion, healthy intestinal flora and a smooth bowel movement. Lentils contain little or no fat, but a considerable amount of protein.

This snack is flavored with Parmesan. It is therefore the only one of the three variants that is not Vegan.

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Maybe you have never heard of it, or you have seen it on the shelf: Hummus. A kind of puree based on chickpeas that originated in Arabic cuisine. This delicacy is becoming increasingly popular in our region. No wonder,  if you list all the benefits of this, we are dealing with a hyper-superfood!

Our variety Hummus Snacks is seasoned with Oregano, Timjan and Sumak. Sumak is a reddish-brown powder of a crushed dark red fruit, which grows in bunches on a sumac bush. It has a sharp sour taste, similar to lemon, but slightly more florid. You often encounter sumac in Eastern dishes.

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Quinoa seeds have a nutty flavor and are considered as 'complete' food, because of the high amount of nutrients that the seeds contain. Actually the superfood quinoa conquers our households. This healthy grain variety is increasingly finding its way to the dining table. Quinoa contains more protein than the average grain and these proteins are of a better quality than the proteins in meat. In addition, quinoa contains twice as much fiber as wheat, is also full of minerals, such as magnesium and manganese, but above all it contains a lot of iron. Quinoa bursts with vitamins, including vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 and E.

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